OUT by Natsuo Kirino

– Publisher Comments: Nothing in Japanese literature prepares us for the stark, tension-filled, plot-driven realism of Natsuo Kirino’s award-winning literary mystery, Out.

This mesmerizing novel tells the story of a brutal murder in the staid Tokyo suburbs, as a young mother who works the night shift making boxed lunches strangles her abusive husband and then seeks the help of her coworkers to dispose of the body and cover up her crime. The coolly intelligent Masako emerges as the plot’s ringleader, but quickly discovers that this killing is merely the beginning, as it leads to a terrifying foray into the violent underbelly of Japanese society.

– Author: Natsuo Kirino, born in 1951, quickly established a reputation in Japan as one of a rare breed of crime writer whose work goes well beyond the conventional crime novel. This fact has been demonstrated by her winning not only Japan’s top mystery award, for Out, but one of its major literary awards, the Naoki Prize for Soft Cheeks. Several of her books have also been turned into movies. Out is the first of her novels to appear in English.

– My Comments: I ordered this through Oregon Books. This book is not for the squeamish. Fast paced and highly shocking. Rarely can you find a book where a female character (the main character) commits such a gruesome crime. Also shocking was the extreme conditions of the characters workplace. Japanese women are treated with much disrespect. I highly recommend this book! If ya can stomach it!


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    angirach said,

    Fell in love with Natsuo after reading Grotesque and Out was second on my read list, there were many moments that I had to put it down and just absorb everything that was going on, the characters were vivid and the story was rich and not a hassle to read, you wanted to know what was going to happen next.

    She’s an amazing writer.

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