To Camp or not to Camp, Part 2

Rise oh mighty fire...RISE!

My darling husband makes for such a good subject. Thankfully he takes it well, mostly cause he knows it’s true. One day while he was sick in bed with a horrible migraine headache, a few silly poems popped in my . Yes, I kicked my man when he was down, however once again, anyone who knows my dearest, knows that this is a 100% Dimples all the way.  Last week I bought you “Husband Poetry“, this week, I bring you “Husband Haiku”. A compilation of two forms  of Haiku poetry (very loosely based of course). Traditional style Haiku and Tanka poetry.


Haiku  (5-7-5 onji format)

Camping Part Duex ~

wood is smoldering

my fire skills inadequate

wife starts huge bonfire

Tanka (5-7-5-7-7 onji format)

Veggie Pants ~

dirty pants on floor

a science experiment

how long will they stay

two month later pants grow mold

four months and have fresh mushrooms

In your Face ~

put leftovers in fridge

let husband know for lunches

husband dies of hunger pains

can’t see leftovers at eye level

Baby, it’s cold out there~

forgot the jacket

doesn’t like to be mothered

it’s freezing cold out

pouts that I forgot jacket

calls mother to whine


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